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Crystals, Gemstones, Fossils & Curios For Divination & Psychic Work

Crystals, Gemstones, Fossils & Curios For Divination & Psychic Work

Here is some useful information I pulled together on the metaphysical properties of crystals, gemstones, fossils and a few other curios used in divination and psychic work.

Amber - Carrier of Akashic Record, fifth element which binds together earth, air, fire and water.

Amethyst - Enhances all psychic abilities. Third eye, Crown and Heart vibrations.

Apophyllite - Carrier of Akashic Records. Grounds body.

Aquamarine - Clarifies and focuses intuition.

Atacamite - Opens third eye. Develops psychic abilities, promotes contact with spiritual realm, aids visions.

Azeztulite - Very high frequency. Opens Third Eye Crown and Higher Crown chakras.

Azurite - Third eye vibration which resonates up to Crown. Heightens spiritual connections, psychic communication.

Beryl - Promotes psychic awareness and understanding, prevents psychic manipulation.

Bloodstone - Facilitates ancestral connections, grounding and centering, heightens psychic awareness, protective.

Bones - Facilitates shamanic work. Psychic strength. Oracular messages read when burned in fire.

Calcite - Facilitates channeling, astral travel and out-of-body experiences.

Carnelian - Enhances clairvoyant, clairaudient, dowsing and psychometric abilities. Facilitates world to otherworld transitions (and vice versa).

Celestite - Facilitates dream recall, clairvoyant communication and shamanic out-of-body journeying.

Chrysocolla - Enhances psychic awareness and visioning, opens third eye, wards away illusions.

Citrine - Facilities psychic awareness, dispels fear, protects.

Crystal quartz - Universal crystal, expands psychic abilities, extraordinary psychic protection, balances chakras.

Emerald - Strong psychic protection, enhances mental powers, understanding of unfolding layers of wyrd.

Flint - Thunderstone, protection, divining gold.

Fluorite (purple/violet) - Protection from psychic vampires, enhances psychic abilities and intuition, augments mediumship, connections to spirit guides, clarifies psychic messages, balances chakras.

Fossils - Carrier of Akashic Record, primal memories, ancient earth spirits. Witch stones.

Hematite - Grounding, visualization, divination. Drawing power.

Herkimer diamond - Enhances visioning, dream recall, past life recall, clairvoyance, connecting with spirit guides.

Holey stones - Augments psychic awareness, visioning, protection.

Iolite - Activates and augments psychic powers.

Jasper (black) - Promotes prophetic visioning.

Jet - Witch's amber. Carrier of Akashic Record, ancient earth energies. Strengthens psychic awareness. Protective.

Kyanite - Promotes channeling, strengthens psychic awareness, enhances intuition, increases telepathy.

Labradorite - Wizard's stone. Increases psychic abilities, heightens intuition and precognition, bridges physical and spiritual realms, promotes connection to spirit guides.

Lapis lazuli - Prevent psychic attacks, increases psychic abilities, intuition, clairvoyance and spirit guide connections. Enables access to ancient wisdom and truth.

Malachite - Third eye vibration which resonates up to Crown. Heightens spiritual connections, psychic communication.

Merlinite - Facilitates travel to past and future lives "becoming", carrier of ancient knowledge.

Mica - Expands psychic awareness, protection.

Moldavite - Facilitates travel to past and future lives "becoming", carrier of ancient knowledge.

Moonstone - Enhances spirit guide communication, intuition. Especially good for divination using tarot cards, rune stones, crystal balls and pendulums.

Muscovite - Opens connection to highest realms, aids in astral travel, especially good for scrying divination.

Obsidian - Enhance psychic abilities and scrying divination. Balances mind, body and spirit. Blocs psychic attacks. Aids channeling and clairaudience.

Opal - Induces and enhances psychic visions.

Petrified wood - Carrier of Akashic Record, enhances past life recall and connections to the ancients, protective.

Preseli bluestone - Opens doorways into other dimensions, stimulates instinctive knowing, promotes far memory and access to ancient knowledge, enhances connections to ancestors, focuses the mind, strengthens will power.

Sapphire - Activates third eye and second sight. Develops and enhances psychic powers, telepathic abilities, precognition, astral traveling, out-of-body experiences, visions. Heightens intuition. Facilitates spirit world communication.

Seer stones - Promotes visions, past life recall, time travel, unlocking deep mysteries.

Shattuckite - Activates psychic abilities. Clarifies visions, promotes understanding of channeled messages.

Shells - Increases intuition, stimulates psychic abilities, releases fear, balances chakras. Protection.

Sodalite - Clarifies perceptions and promotes understanding of spiritual experiences and channeled messages.

Sugilite - Psychic shielding. Protects against psychic attacks and negative entities. Opens third eye, crown and soul star. Develops psychic abilities, aids channeling and automatic writing.

Tiger's eye - Protection. Aids with past life divination.

Turquoise - Strengthens psychic powers. Increases attunement to and opens connection to spirit world. Enhances clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities. Cleanses and opens chakras. Psychic protection.

Viking sunstone - Focuses and clarifies psychic powers, visions. Facilitates channeling, astral travel and out-of-body experiences. Aids safe navigation through otherworlds and dimensions.