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Visionary Ideas Storming Into Mercury Retrograde

Visionary Ideas Storming Into Mercury Retrograde

Slowing down before going Retrograde in Pisces on March 5, Mercury enters its Storm today. A Mercury Storm is considered by many to act like its Retrograde period. By most Western Astrologers, both of these periods are times when we are told to "not do", "not start" and "don't move forward to act" on any new projects or ideas. I'm not one of those astrologers.

Mercury Retrograde lasts for weeks during any one Retrograde period and occurs 3-4 times a year! Should we really put our lives, both mundane and magical, on standby for that long length of time? Not me. 

Even more important than the huge amount of time we may waste while "not" acting to move forward in our lives, the periods of Mercury Retrograde and its preceding Storm are times when visionary ideas, innovations in art or music, and increased acute psychic awareness may burst forth from the hidden unknown. These are not times to merely write down new ideas. Rather, ride the waves of Storming Mercury Retrograde to new heights of creative ability and intuitive cognition.

A time associated with sleep, Mercury Retrograde and its Storm are also auspicious times for developing and making ASMR videos, meditating and for doing sleep or dream magic. Sleep walking, false awakenings (thinking you are awake while dreaming), sleep deprivation and lucid dreaming are more likely to occur during Mercury Retrograde and Storm periods.

Taking this all together, as I am doing, harness the positive creative, intuitive and psychic power of Mercury Retrograde and its Storm. If you experience sleep disturbances, visit my new YouTube channel (inspired by my own Fae-kissed dream yesterday), Yew Berry ASMR (named after the Celtic goddess of sleep, dreams and prophecy), and listen to healing sounds aimed toward helping you to relax, fall asleep and dream well. I will be uploading more ASMR videos especially during this period.