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The Warrior Queen

The Warrior Queen

Who are the blue-painted Pictish People of my ancestral mothers? Certainly, they are Druid Warriors and Priestess Queens who fight for the People, as one of the People. Why did they all paint themselves blue for battle if not that blue skin was a trait that existed among some of them? Just as it did among the ancient Aryans of India. Just as it does today in some people of Indo-European Old European Celtic-Germanic ancestry.

My ancestral fathers are descendants of Clan Woden. My ancestral mothers are descendants of Clan Morrigan, a shadowy phantom queen also known as Scáthach.

The ancient roots of matrilineal Clan Morrigan extend far back into remote prehistory, into the mists of time inhabited by the Atlantic seaboard old European Atlantic Megalithic Culture (7000-4000 ybp) of Scotland, Wales, Britain, Brittany, Ireland and Ice Age Doggerland. The blue fire of Awen still burns within us.

Stand My Ground  by Within Temptation