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The Druid Legacy Among Us

The Druid Legacy Among Us

Though certainly not exclusive of what may also exist in other Traditions, concerning the Traditions of my own ancestors, it is known that in both Western European Celtic-Germanic and Vedic (Indo-Aryan) Traditions, time is described as cyclical. Similarly, there also exists within both Traditions the idea that there are some people who may be able to superconsciously perceive cyclical time as well as to perceive All Time simultaneously during super-normative states of consciousness (as I did when I was five or six years old).

According to Vedic cosmology, we currently inhabit a degenerative great cycle of time known as the Kali Yuga. During this cycle (which is thought to have began around 3102 BCE), humankind began spiraling inexorably down a path of spiritual devolution, sinking into gross materialism, and becoming increasingly afflicted in mind and body.

During the Kali Yuga, both interpersonal trust and the number of individuals able to remember ancestral history (through perception of All Time and by possessing relatively intact biological memory systems) would necessarily be casualties of humanity's plunge into ever greater chaos. Trust was one early casualty. Today, there are still some individuals able to access knowledge of All Time and to 'bring out' energy into the present world of manifestation from that state of perception.

In Western Europe, the Druids were keepers of ancestral memory, and very likely the Druids were people with superconscious access to All Time as also described for the Vedic sages. In my mind, this could be one of the primary reasons the Roman Empire sought to utterly wipe the Druids from the face of the planet. 

Ancestors of the Druids, particularly through the U and H maternal genetic lineages, may have evolved over 66,000 years ago in the Tarim Basin (as I discussed in my post Old Western Europeans, the Tarim Basin and Ogham Writing). Until about a thousand years ago, the Tarim Basin was Indic in culture. (It was still Indic during the age of the Roman Empire.) The Roman Empire spent a lot of resources and blood in its effort to wipe out a tiny band of putatively barbarous folk living to the remote west of the empire on a tiny island not even connected to mainland Europe!

The sacred mystery code of the Druids, the Ogham, links back to the Tarim Basin, and was likely developed to address the potential issue of mistrust among far-flung communities engaging in commerce. To record transactions and to provide records of ownership and such things. At this point in time, memory and superconscious access to All Time was still very much present among several members of the tribes. There was no need to write down ancestral history. Writing down ancestral history only became a necessity as wars multiplied and empire building became 'the great endeavor' among the leaders of nations.

I think that it's not a coincidence that the Roman Empire sought to utterly destroy the Druids and their knowledge.  Then the Roman Empire Church sought to further uproot any lingering Druid power in the British Isles by making it a center for scribing the Roman Empire Church Bible, where the only literate people allowed to live were male kings, priests, monks and those connected with the empire's church.

Obviously, all that effort to obliterate the ancient knowledge and access to All Time among my people failed. Even today, one has to wonder as to whether the current policies of mass foreign migration into the nations of those of Western European ancestry is not simply a second attempt to "wipe the Druids" (so to speak) from the face of the planet, to destroy the remnant among us, like myself, who have retained even a tiniest taste of an ability to perceive All Time as described in Vedic cosmology.

It's a charge worth considering.