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Star Children

Star Children

I've written in earlier posts (Deep Life Ancestry, for example) that my journey of consciousness as a biological life-form on the earth began in Antarctica. Yet, I am also a daughter of the Clan of the Star Goddess. Galactic alchemy, as well as earth alchemy, is part of the witchcraft of Star Children who, like myself, are witches.

The Mother Goddess of the Milky Way (the spiral galaxy in our Cosmos home to planet earth) is the Star Goddess of my Atlantic Megalithic Culture Cro-Magnon ancestors known as Elen of the Ways (also known as the horned reindeer goddess). The Star Goddess has been recognized since ancient times by archaic humankinds, including many archaic Homo sapiens native to the Boreal Forest Biome (a circumpolar subarctic ecoregion also known as the Taiga and the Snow Forest). 

The old world Boreal Forest Biome ecoregion included the Ice Age British Isles, Isles of the Atlantic North Sea areas, Doggerland, Scandinavia, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska and some portions of other extreme northerly places including in the United States. The Boreal Forest Biome stretches in nearly a continuous belt across Eurasia and North America. Having a cold climate, this ancient ecoregion is legendarily called the lands "beyond the North Wind." 

Given the extensive yet specific reach of this ancient old world Eurasian-North American ecoregion, the Star Goddess of my European Cro-Magnon Atlantic Megalithic Culture ancestors may also be the Star Goddess of the mysterious ancient prehistoric North American Giants (whose existence in North America is also part of Native American legend). Like European Cro-Magnons, the North American Giants were unusually tall (many over 7 feet), had unusually large skulls (with combined early modern Homo sapien and Neanderthal features), pale skinned, blonde and red haired, fiercely powerful, yet also were crafty architects of civilization who built cities, fortifications, mounds and megaliths. It would be very interesting to have genetic testing done on the remains of the North American Giants. As among both my own European Cro-Magnon Atlantic Megalithic Culture people and the Native American people, Star Children may have also existed among ancient North American Giants.

According to Native American legend, when Star Children born to Native American women with Star Ancestors are around age 5 to age 9, the Star Ancestors come and take the child (when the child exhibits certain signs). Also according to Native American legend, some of those taken children remain with the Star Ancestors, while others are returned to the tribe. There are many legends among many Native American tribes about Star Children.

There are many types of Star Children who exhibit various differing characteristics and abilities. The Star Child phenomenon in my experience is the conscious connection to, experience of, and remembrance of consciousness transcendent of actualized physicality. Star Children are those able to remember their origin of consciousness integral to the very essence of the Cosmos even while incarnate while most other people forget a short time following birth. There are legends of these kinds throughout many traditions of the world - I am not alone in my experience of this kind of consciousness - in modern times or in ages past.

I've written previously about the time when my core consciousness left my physical body and traveled the Cosmos when I was about 5 or 6. I was returned to my body at the conclusion of the journey. Over the years I've written several poems about this experience (including as found in my post, Innate Mathematics of Consciousness). Here is another poem I wrote over 3 decades ago about it, called Suddenly.

hey you, what are you looking at
the mouse seemed to say silently, to me one day
hidden in the closet, coming close to see
where land meets sea, isolating some field of awareness
distracting the mind toward some special duty
hey you, what did you say
you talkin' to me?

hey you, what do you hear
the mouse seemed to say silently, to me one day
hidden in the closet, coming close to hear
wandering around this anomaly of conversation, suddenly plucked up
toward the task at hand, wiping off all others
hey you, do you hear what I hear
who goes there, talkin' to me