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Scorpion Moon

Scorpion Moon

Get ready for the Full Moon in Scorpio! Leaving Libra and entering Scorpio Friday morning, chock full of mystery and secret things, the Scorpion Moon epitomizes magnetic enigma, deep connections and maverick independence. Extremely protective of loved ones, the Scorpion Moon can be fierce, brutal, sharp and venomous. Invoke the fullness of the Scorpion Moon to work with intelligences hidden within the Cosmos or to draw into manifestation powerful protection for your own loved ones.

Relevant to the Scorpion Moon, here is a poem I wrote over three decades ago, entitled Instrument:


heart and soul and might
all of it, one instrument
off the edge
gripped within
simple strokes uncoiling
something essential, something true
crazy, insane
a serpent song, a scorpion tale
stringing through dark, dark sounds
of a brilliant mystery

catch it!