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Red Thread Witch

Red Thread Witch

In honor of the Direwolf clan totem shamanic spirit guide of my ancestral genetic motherline from Circum-Artic Scandinavia, I honor Fenrir.

In the folklore of my Sacred Ancestors, Fenrir represents the scary rebel who rises up from among the many to become leader of the pack. Nurtured and empowered by Mother Nature in the heart of the forested wetland to which he was exiled by the waning power structure, Fenrir represents the abilities to remove the ties that bind you from achieving your fullest potential, to overcome even the harshest of obstacles, to rise above every challenge and to become all you can be. Fenrir embodies the power of radical evolutionary transformation, of deep personal and cosmic alchemy, the power of essential evocation, and the power of ever new becoming.

The seemingly polar opposite of Baldur (the brightest of the bright), Fenrir (the darkest of the dark) embodies deep sacred truth, uncompromising power, wild untamed nature, terrifying magnificence and predatory ferocity. Interestingly, science informs us that (the darkest of the dark) Dark Energy is actually massive light (that is, the dark photons of light even more massive than the brightest of the 'bright' photons). 

Fenrir embodies truth - dangerous, feral, stark and undistorted, from which most turn away, which few embrace. The dynamic of reality itself which embraces the truth which Fenrir embodies is known as the Red Thread. The beautiful cloak of the Red Thread Witch is woven from this thread, from truth stark and undistorted.

A poem I wrote nearly three decades ago, before birth and throughout my life ever following The Red Thread:

deep deep complete
creature of the night eternal
a touch divine, a bit insane, off the edge
plunging into a cutting clarity
relentless, wild
stark and undistorted, without echo, raw tradition
a serpent song, a scorpion tale
thirsting inside out, like a finger of the endless
casting kisses
from the heart of the dark