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Potential Deep Time Origins of the Ogham

Potential Deep Time Origins of the Ogham

I am sharing a link to the article quoted below, along with a link to commentary on it by Dr. Genevieve von Petzinger, because to me, this has exciting implications for the deep time origin of the Old European Celtic Ogham (a system of symbolic communication also consisting of lines). The Ogham alphabet, as abstract symbols of communication, may be far, far older than we think, and as Dr. Petzinger suggests with respect to this new discovery, likewise potentially with origins extending way back to the common ancestry shared by Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans (all three species contributing genetic ancestry to myself). How utterly exciting!

From the article, Oldest Carving in East Asia Found, But It's Maker is a Mystery:

"Abstract patterns carved on bone fragments discovered in China could be the oldest art ever made, dating back to between 105,000 and 125,000 years ago."

From Dr. Petzinger's commentary:

"These artifacts in China were found with remains that the researchers suggested were not Homo sapiens, but could instead be Denisovan. So, if all of us sibling species, including Neanderthals, were already making art in our different regions of the world, either we all shared a similar cognitive capacity that led to us inventing it separately, or it could suggest that this was part of an even older mark-making tradition that goes back to one of our common ancestral species – Homo heidelbergensis and/or erectus who passed on this capacity to all of us (though it would make sense with the 500,000-year old zigzag attributed to Homo erectus in Java)."

Photo / Image by Francesco D'Errico and Luc Doyon