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Personal Sovereignty: Gratitude Versus Perseverance

Personal Sovereignty: Gratitude Versus Perseverance

The cosmos is (not) like a vending machine. Gratitude in, goodies out. Wouldn't it be so neat and simple if the cosmos really worked that way? Truth is, and most of us know it by experience, it doesn't really work that way, unless you're a slave and your master demands gratitude in payment for quasi-benevolence.

While pleased and appreciative mindful self-acknowledgement for the good present in one's life is a healthy psychological disposition for humans to possess, witches are not slaves to anyone else's demand for gratitude, deity or human. Gratitude by its very nature implies indebtedness. Contrarily, witches value perseverance and loathe indebtedness.

Indebtedness is a curse to be avoided when at all possible. Take less which costs in coins of gratitude, have more freedom. Witches, having more stuff "to be grateful for" is not freedom, it is self-imposed slavery.

Why in the world would anyone other than a slave-master idolize gratitude and indebtedness? For witches, perseverance powers the path to self-mastery and self-sovereignty, NOT slavish gratitude. Witches are not slaves, no matter how few or how many goodies we may have in our lives.

Of course, selling themselves into slavery, there do exist humans who value having more goodies that cost in coins of gratitude over acquiring personal sovereignty. I personally am thankful that I am not one of them.