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Logos - Hominin Rising

Logos - Hominin Rising

In my previous post I noted that the original home star of the People (my People) of the Boreal Forest Biome Horned Reindeer Star Goddess is Alderbaran. Alderbaran is the star of the female deer, representing the female aspect of Brahma, the female Logos. Logos is the reasoning power and the word implicit in the Cosmos. It is creative speech. Ordered. Filled with knowledge. Filled with power.

Interestingly, as with my other poems, I wrote this poem about 3 decades ago following a dream I had of an earlier incarnation as a hominid, who began to speak with reasoned purpose born of curiosity - Hominin Rising:

before, when nothing was spoken
yet traveling together, darkness and light
primeval, dreamwalking, on the way
among us, then when we stopped for the night
one night, finding rest together in some cave of the land
I watching you, with sticks in your hand
tapping and banging the rock all around
curious creature, curious creature ...
gazing, watching, wondering about you
and this doing that you do
every action simply, silently speaking
in my ear, beautiful colors of chaos
telling me all about you
and before I knew it, I knew it
from the back of my tongue,
erupting ancient, ancient sounds
the first of my story flew through, saying!
what are you trying to do?!
are you trying to tell me your story too ...
and still, from before to the cave and even now
listen, my friend ... it's raining, it's pouring
our story outside

As a humorous side note, surely it was a woman from whom language first burst forth with such a roar that it watered the entire earth.