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Lifestyle Minimalism: Dancing to Mars Opposite Saturn

Lifestyle Minimalism: Dancing to Mars Opposite Saturn

This upcoming Friday, June 14th, Mars (action) in Cancer (gut emotions) is positioned in opposition with Saturn (resistance to change) in Capricorn (organization). This powerful alignment energetically corresponds to the rune Naudiz (need, distress and the strength to free ourselves from distress).

Hardship, adversity and deprivation (whether material or emotional) drive many people to acquire things, things and more things not genuinely needed or bringing us joy. We clutter our living spaces, our minds and the time of our lives to the point of distraction, distress and unhappiness. What do we really need? 

I don't need clutter. Clutter distresses me, distracts me and makes me unhappy. A little over a month ago, I personally decided to resist my need to hold on to too many things (an urge I had acquired while experiencing repetitive hardships). I listened to my gut emotions telling me to take some action, now dammit! It was time to begin to declutter and simplify my life. So, I began decluttering. The more I decluttered, the deeper my inner calmness became. Decluttering became a meditation for me.

I learned about a lifestyle called minimalism. I envied all of the empty space minimalists enjoy within their environment, so I became one myself. While I am not an extremist when it comes to minimalism, I only keep those things which bring me joy (like tools of my craft and books), which I personally actually need and which I need for my business.

I am happy to report that I am making much progress in my decluttering - so much so that I now call myself a lifestyle minimalist. I have donated so much stuff, making myself happier in my environment while helping out others at the same time. As a personality who desires order, I allowed myself to entertain chaos (decluttering begins with large chaotic piles of things) for the greater goal - a life of simplicity, mental tranquility and more time to enjoy life (as opposed to spending time managing things I do not need and which do not bring me joy).

With Mars opposite Saturn, this Friday is a good time to start your own decluttering, whether a little or a lot. What do you really need? What brings you joy? What merely takes up space and time in your life and mind, causing you covert distress? You have the power to overcome this distress.