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In follow-up to my previous post, Witch Bloodlines, supporting that my Faulkner ancestors (and Faulkner relatives who may have lived in Salem in 1692) were mindfully 'different' from their Puritan neighbors, I reiterate that the males in my Faulkner family maternal lineage tree have been documented Freemasons (members of American and European secret societies) since at least the 1600's. The first Faulkner family from whom my maternal lineage Faulkners descend came to America in 1665. John and Elizabeth (Filmer) Faulkner were married in East Sutton, Kent, England in 1652. Notably, adopted in the 11th century, the motto of those hailing from Kent England is "Invicta!" (meaning undefeated, unconquered). The colors associated with Kent are red, white and blue.

We (of the Faulkner persuasion) were certainly undefeated in America by the Puritans (known as the Planting Fathers, who sought to establish settlement of this country according to Protestant Christianity). In contrast to the Planting Fathers, the Founding Fathers (some of whom are among my maternal line ancestors and kinfolk), sought to establish settlement of this country guided by the Constitution which states (in the First Amendment), "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...", thereby proscribing the very thing the Puritans sought to do.

My maternal line ancestors identified as Protestant Christians, but they were certainly not Puritans. Some of us did then, and still do, prefer political secularism. 

My maternal family kindred includes Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of this Nation. My maternal grandmother's maiden name is Franklin. We are direct descendants of Benjamin Franklin's brother.

Taking this all together, while some Early American settlers from the Faulkner Clan may have lived in Salem (among other Protestant Christians), it is very likely that they were not Puritans and did not share the political leanings of the majority of the people living in Salem in 1692. The Faulkners were different than the Puritans, and the Puritans sensed a difference.

As an atheist witch myself, the Puritans did not defeat my maternal lineage family. Witches today live freely in Salem. Indeed today, Salem is the Witch Capital of America. The Puritans did not defeat my maternal lineage to establish this Nation as a Protestant Christian Nation. Against the work of the Puritans, this Nation was established with a secular government allowing the freedom to practice or not practice any religion, and prohibits the government from establishing a National Religion.

So, on behalf of my Faulkner ancestors, and as a witch, I proclaim with you, "Invicta!"