All Witches' Day

All Witches' Day

On this November 2, 2018, I observe All Witches' Day, in memory of all those tortured and burned alive at the stake for being witches, in human sacrifice to the 'god who feared.' I remember fire. I went through fire, and live.

This excerpt is from a poem (Soul Saga) I wrote nearly three decades ago, which is also a poem describing another aspect of my memory of my incarnation into this life ...

and reflecting then
on the thought, shaking my tail
vowing remembrance

of my own story
through the fire river around
the world I came in

remembering back
before, how I can I tell it
my whole story, how

And an excerpt from another poem, written around the same time, describing another aspect of my experience of incarnation ...

driven into life
proto-perception foams, over annihilating operations
and from it, dark bursts of lucidity finely entwine

My memory informs me that both fire and the attempted annihilation of my soul itself and of its ability to incarnate accompanied my incarnation. Yet, I survived. Not only did I survive, I remember. Not only do I remember, but my reincarnation began even before the fire of the pyre burned out. A witch cannot be destroyed.

Blessed be all witches this All Witches' Day.